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What's Included:
  •  Get Your Questions Answered: Browse our library of pre-recorded videos or ask a question anonymously
  •  Weekly Live Group Advising Sessions: Join us weekly as we dive into a group healing sessions with Q&A.
  • Anonymously Submit Questions: Submit questions anonymously to Artie and get them answered inside the group.
  •  Access to Weekly Live Library: Watch all of the previous weekly lives hosted by Artie Wu.
  •  Questions Archive Directory: Browse our 200+ highlight questions for answers immediately.
  • Exclusive Discounts To Live Events: Get exclusive discounts to our worldwide healing retreats.
Your New Weekly Live Library Includes...
  •  Healing and the External World (Workplace, Social)
  •  Healing and Your Family (Parents, Siblings, Children)
  •  Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine
  •  Interpreting Your Dreams
  •  How to Recover Your "Lost Board Member"
  •  Healing in Intimate Relationships
  •  Meditation
  •  Bliss, Motivation and Life Purpose
  •  Rescripting
  •  Shielding and Soothing
  •  The Healing Journey
  •  Types of Wounding
  •  Working with Your Board Members
  •  Your Body and Intuition
  •  Your Inner Bully

Artie Wu

I founded Preside in 2011 as a hobby-project.

Before Preside, I was the founder-CEO of two venture-backed technology companies across the span of over 10 years. I still advise startups on fundraising strategy and management.

I hold degrees from Stanford (business school), Harvard (undergrad) and Regis (Jesuit secondary school).

I learned meditation as a child from family friends, and have been meditating for over 30 years.
See What Other Group Members Are Saying About The Preside Healing Community...

Francesca Moriconi

In the last 6 years I have tried many different therapies in an attempt to find ways to express and overcome the emotional mess that seemed to drive my life. I was quite skeptic at the beginning, so it took me 2 weeks to go through the 7-day programme, but already then I felt I was handed over a set of magic tools to shed light on my behaviour and on my dreams. Now 4 weeks later I have made a huge shift and can go through my days feeling I can always find a way to have a dialogue with my inner voice or who is behind it....and these dialogues are always full of insights! This knowledge has given me the courage to have a life again. I am not anymore scared to be hurt or to make mistakes. There is a deep sense of acceptance for who I am, a sense of peace instead of the continuous inner conflict that I used to have. What has helped me a lot was also to join the Live Group Advising Sessions and the Library of these sessions, so I would highly recommend to tick this option. Artie is a wonderful teacher and answers the questions in a way that can be helpful for many of the listener... and Artie's laugh is very special, I love it . Thank you so much!

Robin Seagrave

I signed up for the 7 Day Healing along with the Live Advising. Best $100 I ever spent hands down. I have gone through the 7 days and it is the most powerful and effective approach I have ever participated in. And I have read and tried a lot of things! I suffer from deep childhood wounds and had constant anxiety, not knowing how to get at "it" so I could have some relief and be myself. It was like an itch I couldn't scratch for my entire life. After one week I feel calm. Like to my core. And though I have much to do ahead, I now have the tools to take it on and am excited for the unfolding. To change and know you will never go back is a powerful feeling. I could not have done it without access to the archives and the very enlightening live advising group sessions. Talk about paradigm shifts! I will never see the world or myself the same again. Artie is heart and soul with the deepest insights into dreams and our inner and outer landscapes, putting me on a path to true self-discovery.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Live Group Advising and how does it work?
It is a weekly online Q&A webinar where you can post anonymous questions the week before and then watch me answer questions live, or on the replay, so it is totally ok for all timezones and busy schedules

What topics are covered in the group?
You can ask about anything. we most often get questions around healing wounds caused by family/parents during childhood and how to heal them, trauma and abuse, but also questions around relationships in adulthood - romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, and how to improve communication and reduce patterns of repeating conflict.

Also we get many questions about how to even identify your wound in the first place - many people will feel empty and in pain but are not sure what the cause even is, and we give you tools to understand this better in a non-scary, gentle way.

We help with grief and the powerful process of grieving after a painful loss in life and why it is so important to grieve in a full and complete way and not to have blockages in your grief process because they will come back to you later on.

Other questions around money blockages caused by wounding and how to address this, blockages in career progress and just generally feeling stuck in life overall.

And also questions around toxic workplace or any toxic situation, and what it means when you find your self in a toxic workplace, or toxic social situation of any kind - why does it happen and how to handle it.

Lots of questions around body issues - body image, body self-esteem, and how this can be healed and also questions around chronic pain and illness and what this can often be a symbol of and a reflection of going on inside of you emotionally

Finally, as you get deeper into your healing process we get a lot of questions around how to find and follow your "bliss" in life and how to find and follow your deeper meaning and purpose in life and how healing will lead to you that over time and how to accelerate it!

What is the environment in there like? Is it supportive?

Very supportive - number one thing is that you feel protected and in an environment where you feel safe and under "no threat" - no feeling of "you'd better do this or else", no finger wagging, no tough love. support, validation and a feeling of nurturing and we teach you how to do this for yourself and then also for each other as you feel ready and comfortable to do so

How do others feel about the group advising after being in it for awhile?

People experience huge shifts quickly, but also sustained support over time.

 This is a 2 steps forward one step back process, and it is supposed to be like this. it is most powerful when it is like this and so you will feel doubt and feel your inner critic flare up again and calm down and flare up again.

Each time it will be different and certain things will be gentler and more healed and the most important thing throughout the process of membership in this support program is that you feel your own familiarity with the ups and downs of the healing cycle so that you over time will no longer have to panic and beat up on your self and threaten yourself with "oh you're messing it up you'll never be healed".

This feeling of not-threatening yourself anymore and accepting yourself without condition and even nurturing yourself and protecting yourself without condition, no matter what - being your own most reliable protector and guardian.

This is the single most powerful benefit of being in a healing support membership like this over time.

The strengthening of your own inner power - to support your self no matter what. and knowing you will have that inner support, and no longer sabotage yourself, no matter what - that is the core thing that is life-changing.
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